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It just got a lot easier to get your dream job.

Industry: Labor | News Released: March 09, 2007
At least that's what a new free service is claiming. PeopleScreening.com of Redondo Beach, California has been providing free job seeker tools for about 6 months and has seen some amazing results.

By combining interview questions, resume information and either a photo or a video of yourself PeopleScreening claims employers will pay you more attention during the application process. This extra attention may be just what you need to go from applicant to candidate and eventually to employee.

PeopleScreening provides an easy to use wizard that walks you through the entire process. Signing up is a breeze, entering your profile information, education and employment history takes about 10 minutes and then they show you how to shoot your own video resume.

10 Simple Steps to your new Dream Job

1) Register at PeopleScreening.com.

2) Fill out the profile (this includes career objective, education, references and skills).

3) Fill out the employment history.

4) Review & answer as many of the interview questions as you'd like. (You should pick 3 or 4 of these to discuss on your video resume).

5) Upload a Photo (you can use just a photo if you'd like instead of a video).

6) Got a resume? You can upload this as well.

7) Shoot your video free form or use the provided teleprompter.

8) Upload your video.

9) Look up employer email addresses from company web sites or job postings.

10) Send your Resume to employers (they provide a form where you can write a message and send out to all employers at once and include either your upload resume or a PeopleScreening Generated resume based upon the information you provided.).

Not only does this service walk you through the resume process and creates a downloadable resume for you but it also prepares you for the interview process. PeopleScreening walks you through nearly 40 of the most common interview questions and gives you time to think about how you'd answer each one as well as collect your answer for employers to review prior to the interview process.

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