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Test Market Your Product or Service Before You Launch.

Industry: Advertising | News Released: April 12, 2007
Independent Test Marketing Firm, Tested On Humans, LLC prescribes a 4 week test marketing campaign to all of their clients before they launch any new product or service. This advice comes from over 20 years of marketing experience in both traditional media and via the Internet.

Companies risk hundreds of thousands of dollars every day based upon assumptions about potential markets, Tested On Humans, LLC claims to mitigate the guess work with real numbers from real customers.

"Before you spend even $30,000.00 on developing a prototype, develop and execute a Test Marketing Plan and find your customers." states Erik Bowman, Managing Partner of Tested On Humans, LLC. "If your product or service has any chance at success you must determine if there is a market or if the market is big enough to support multiple players."

Tested On Humans, LLC suggests the following 4 steps to an effective test marketing campaign;

1) Set expectations - many companies spend marketing dollars without defining anticipated results;
2) Determine at least 2 and a maximum of 4 marketing strategies;
3) Execute on a mass scale - to get valid results you must have a large population sample;
4) Analyze results - don't just count the sales, analyze, analyze, analyze.
(...then start over.)

Tested On Humans, LLC has perfected a method that protects the anonymity of their clients' key differentiators while still generating interest in what many times could be called "vapor-ware". Clients that utilize their services typically do not develop the product or service until after the test marketing results are received.

This post-marketing product or service development allows for companies to incorporate second generation features in first generation products based upon customer demand, reducing the product lifecycle through a virtual product release phase.

With hundreds of testing plans under their belts and over 20 years of marketing experience, Tested On Humans, LLC. is the only choice for Independent Product and Service Test Marketing Services.

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