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Torrance California now has it's own Online Community!

Industry: Consumer | News Released: July 31, 2007
Online Community Network, Inc. announced today the release of their latest online community web property for the residents of the Torrance, California. The site provides local Torrance residents with free news, weather, blogs, classifieds, event scheduling and invitations as well as a host of other local social networking services.

"Torrance Residents and Torrance Business owners have been underserved by the nationally focused search engine products from Google, Yahoo and MSN.", states Erik Bowman, President of Online Community Network, Inc., "With the release of http://torrance.ca.itsmycity.com all of Torrance's constituents have a local home on the Internet."

Torrance's Online Community is based upon proven online community services provided by Online Community Networks', "It's My City" Network of sites, which currently provides services to over 1100 local communities across the United States and in 6 other countries.

We are currently recruiting Local Edition City Managers for the It's My City Network -- Initially this will be an unpaid position, but as we grow, so shall the City Managers role. If you are interested please register at this site by clicking on the join link above and choose "City Manager" -- be sure to fully complete the personal and business sections of your account profile as this will be used in the selection process.

About Online Community Network, Inc.,

Online Community Network, Inc., established in 2004, is the first online service that incorporates consumer reviews and social networking on a local scale. Online Community Network Sites are based upon a social networking core that enables users to connect to other users on a local basis and share their experiences both in-person and online.

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