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Reduce Job Candidate Interview Costs by a Third

Industry: Business | News Released: Feburary 26, 2007
EmployeeTV provides the most advanced pre-screening of candidates before you actually speak to them. By asking pertinent questions, capturing a video interview as well as employment, education and social details, EmployeeTV virtually takes the candidate through a first interview process for you.

How Does It Work?
Each job posting you place should contain an extra 5 words "EmployeeTV.com Video Resume Preferred."

By simply adding this small phrase, your potential candidates will understand that 1) Your company is technically savvy, 2) That you care about how they present themselves and 3) By submitting a EmployeeTV video resume they will be placed higher up in the queue.
Immediate Benefits
You, the employer, will see that the candidate is technically savvy, you can virtually interview the candidate without actually scheduling an actual interview and you get to go beyond a paper resume or phone call and immediately see how the candidate "presents" . . . all with no commitment on your part!

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